VIDEO: Massive Brawl Breaks Out At San Jose Sharks vs. Nashville Predators Game

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The Nashville Predators were in California this weekend for a matchup with the San Jose Sharks.

The Preds ended up blowing out the Sharks 8-0, and while I’m sure Sharks fans weren’t very happy with their team, it looks like they weren’t happy with some Preds fans in the stands either.

Several videos show a massive brawl breaking out between fans of the two teams during the third period of yesterday’s game.

And there’s quite a bit going on in this one. Drinks are flying, people are climbing over their seats to get a piece of the action, and there are so many people going at it that the poor security guards in blue jackets are as useless as tits on a bull at that point.

You see some beefy Sharks fans getting quite a few good blows in on a guy in a Preds jersey before his friend pulls him off, and finally the police arrive on scene and start ushering out pretty much everybody involved.

According to a comment on the YouTube video, the fight started after the Predators fans spilled beer on the Sharks fans in the row in front them:

“The entire 11th row was Predator fans. Drinking and drinking and kept spilling beer on the people in row 10. Finally in the 3rd period, the people in row 10 had enough and the fight broke out.”

The best view that we get of the fight is from the YouTube video below, but it’s age-restricted so you’ll have to sign in to view it.

And because the Preds were up 6-0 when the fight broke out, it looks like pretty much all the attention in the arena was focused on the action in the stands – including the players and refs.

Comments on Facebook say that three entire rows were ejected after the melee. But luckily for the Sharks fans involved, they didn’t miss some legendary comeback or anything, as the Preds would go on to score two more goals after this to get the 8-0 shutout.

So yeah, if I were a Sharks fan, I’d probably be ready to throw hands too.

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