Koe Wetzel Kicks Off 2022 Tour, Performs Unreleased New Song

Wesley Painter Media

Koe Wetzel is officially back in the saddle.

Kicking off on March 3rd in Independence, Missouri, and running through St. Louis and Newport, Kentucky this weekend, Koe Wetzel is back to packing arenas this year.

And he’s also testing out some new tunes.

We know Koe’s been in the studio, working on his latest project down at the Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas.

Koe elaborated on the sound of the first album, saying it will be along the lines of the alternative sound we know and love already before he dives headfirst into country:

“We’re throwing out all the stops on this record. It’s more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock than what we’re used to. But I wanted this record to be that before I started making my country music.

This record does have some country sounding songs, but overall it’s more of an alternative record.

I just wanted to go in and kinda give everybody somethin’ to chew on before they got the full country record.”

He teased a new one with On Tour Outdoors earlier this year, and then this past weekend, treated fans to another new one seemingly called, “We Don’t Talk Like We Used To.”

Although, according to Koe, it may have a different name:

“This song is called, ‘I Once Had Sex With An Armadillo But Then Thought Twice About It Because Armadillos Can Carry Leprosy And I Don’t Want Leprosy.’ 

Whatever it’s called… check it out:

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