Crowd Of 75,000 Fans Sing The National Anthem At Inaugural Charlotte FC MLS Game After Mic System Went Out

Charlotte FC
Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


If you ever wanted to know what 75,000 people singing the national anthem a cappella in an NFL stadium sounds like, you’re gonna wanna watch this video.

During the inaugural Charlotte Football Club game on Saturday night in the Queen City, the anthem singer’s microphone went out in the middle of the performance… and the crowd stepped up to finish it off in a huge way, filling in the quiet stadium by belting out the rest of the song.

The crowd was nearly sold out, with 74,479 people inside of Bank of America stadium that has a max capacity of a little over 75,000.

The massive crowd even set the new MLS attendance record:

I had no clue we were a soccer city here in Charlotte, and of course, people flooded uptown to tailgate beforehand, too… people from the south will literally tailgate for any event. I digress…

Ultimately, Charlotte fell to the LA Galaxy by a score of 1-0, but I’m praying we can have at least have one decent professional sports team in Charlotte and they’ll end up with a winning season before it’s all said and done.

The MLS account shared the video on Instagram, and with everything going on the world right now in terms of Russia invading Ukraine, it just reminds you how good we really have it here in America in spite of all of our problems.

I promise, watching this video is 15 seconds of your day very well spent:

“75,000 @charlottefc fans understood the assignment. What a moment.”

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