Miranda Lambert Has “Exciting Stuff To Share” Next Week, Teases New Song “Strange”

Miranda Lambert country music

You have my attention…

Miranda Lambert has already told us that she’s got some new tunes up her sleeve, and it looks like we’re gonna find out next week.

Just the other day, though, she posted a cryptic message on Instagram, telling fans that she had something for them soon, and that they would start to get some of it via a postcard in the mail.

And today, she hit fans with another teaser of “Strange,” a song that mysteriously popped up on her YouTube channel last week.

“Music is always there for us when things are out of order. I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with y’all the morning of March 10.

Till then… here’s a preview of a new song ‘Strange.'”

Her most recent single, “If I Was A Cowboy,” was released this past fall, a song she says was inspired by a really creative time in her life:

“Since I had the time off in 2020, I did a ton of writing. So I’ve got some things up my sleeve. I really enjoyed getting to write when it was all I could do.

I’ve got some stuff coming out that is from a really creative time. ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ is a little sneak peek of that.”

Get excited.

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