Colorado Man Reels In Fish In The Middle Of A Traffic Jam

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There is just something about rednecks and not being able to be bored. Boredom is what brings all the great redneck inventions, ideas and, even videos that we have learned to love and appreciate.

This deal is no different here.

A man, Dylan Hayes, was stuck in traffic on the I-70, when he turned a pretty annoying situation into a great time.

Let’s assess the situation.

At the first glance, you can tell Hayes knows how to have a good time. I mean, if you’re wearing crocs in the winter fishing in a traffic jam, you know how to have a good time.

After you get your mind wrapped around what’s happening, seeing the line of traffic, Hayes actually hooks into one.

The video shows his rod starting to move, then he hands the rod to his buddy.

“You’re kidding me”

Even Hayes can’t believe that his plan to kill a little time is working far more successfully then it ever could have been imagined.

Hayes starts to pull the line in by hand as the water is very, very far below. It’s hard to say but it is a bit farther then one would normally try to reel in a trout through the air.

As he pulls in the line a trout pops over the side of the bridge.

A nice trout… impressive for a traffic jam that’s for sure.

Just as Hayes gets the fish up onto the road, the traffic starts to move and he runs to the truck, fish in hand… a well-executed plan right there.

Good job Dylan, the next time I’m stuck in traffic I hope there’s a river and I happen to have my rod too.

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A beer bottle on a dock