Dana White, Ronda Rousey, & More Voice Support For Cain Velasquez: “I Would Have Done The Same… If Not Worse”

Cain Velaquez
Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group/ Getty Images

Since the news broke that former UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez has been charged with attempted murder for shooting at the man who molested one of his young relatives, tons of people have spoken out and stood by the fighter’s side, as many would do whatever they could to make sure a predator wasn’t walking freely among the streets.

With that being said, WWE legend Ronda Rousey is now speaking out about the horrible situation.

She tweeted out today:

“I would have done the same thing if not worse #freeCainVelasquez”

Needless to say, she doesn’t blame the man one bit for what he has done.

Rousey is married to UFC fighter Travis Browne, who lost to Velasquez at UFC 200 in 2016.

Dana White shared support for Cain as well, along with a number of current and former UFC fighters including Ben Askren, Sean Strickland, and more.

Velasquez was arrested on Monday after tracking down 43-year-old Harry Goularte in a vehicle, and fired shots at him, but accidentally hit Goularte’s stepfather instead.

The man was taken to the hospital to treat non life-threatening injuries.

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