Miranda Lambert Posts Short Clip Of Unreleased Song, “Strange”

Is ML8 almost here?

Miranda Lambert has been teasing something new coming recently, but she’s been pretty quiet on the details of said project.

Just the other day, though, she posted a cryptic message on Instagram, telling fans that she had something new up her sleeve for them soon, and that they would start to get some of it via a postcard in the mail:

“I’m mailing these out. It’s the road map to something new. Send me your address at mirandalambert.com/postcard.”

Other than that photo, we haven’t gotten any further information… until now.

There’s a new one minute clip of a song called “Strange” up on her YouTube channel, with no other details about the song or its potential release date. It’s an upbeat, sing along kind of song from what I can tell so far… check out some of the lyrics:

“Country don’t twang, 
Rock and roll ain’t loud,
Every elevator only ever goes down,
Everybody’s lookin’ for a little cheap fame,
Yeah, and times like these make me feel strange”

The only new song she’s officially put out recently is her single, “If I Was A Cowboy”, which she says was inspired by a really creative time in her life:

“Since I had the time off in 2020, I did a ton of writing. So I’ve got some things up my sleeve. I really enjoyed getting to write when it was all I could do.

I’ve got some stuff coming out that is from a really creative time. ‘If I Was a Cowboy’ is a little sneak peek of that.”

If I had to guess, it seems to me like a big announcement from Miranda is coming soon…

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