Man Stabbed Five People During Mardi Gras Party At 7AM Because He Wasn’t Allowed Inside Of A Bar

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It sounds like things got out of hand during some of the Mardi Gras festivities yesterday in New Orleans today.

I mean, I’ve always heard it’s a pretty wild scene in the Big Easy this time of year, but this takes it to a whole other level.

According to Fox News, police were called to The Boot, a bar near Tulane University, around 7:43 yesterday morning (too damn early for something like this to happen) after five people were stabbed outside.

Apparently, a man was denied entry into the bar and “became violent”. There was a massive group outside of students and others at the bar before daybreak for an event called Tequila Sunrise, when things took a crazy turn.

According to a Loyola grad student, the scene was pretty wild with multiple people being stabbed before the fight was over:

“There was another younger man, about my age probably, who appeared to have been stabbed… there appears to have been another bartender who also had tourniquet on his leg.

There’s another one who had been clearly stabbed in the arm. I could see, it looked like a bartender or bouncer, who had a cut on his hand.”

Though officials did not immediately release the number of people injured, Fox 8 in New Orleans reported that five people had “various cutting related injuries”. One of them was a Loyola University student who worked at the bar:

Thankfully, none of the reported injuries are life threatening.

And luckily, there were quite a few police on hand at the event already to make sure nothing crazy happened, and they were able to spring into action so that more people weren’t injured.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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