Girl KOs Security Guard With A Kick To The Face At South Carolina Beach

A crowd of people in a street

I have never been more confused in my life.

An old video has resurfaced at what appears to be a little day drinking at Folly Beach, in South Carolina.

We see dude who is being restrained by a security guard after getting in trouble for something, who really knows what, and while the guard is holding him down, a random girl comes out of nowhere and starts causing a scene.

She kicks the security dude, swings on the crowd who is trying to stop her (the crowd seems to be mysteriously Team Security Guard), and then comes back for more.

But eventually, she sends her size 6 straight to the guard’s FACE and it’s goodnight Jim Kyte.

Now, there’s absolutely no telling what happened to make this girl act this way… but she knocked out a grown man with a heel to the face.

My guy might have a shoeprint on the side of his head for the rest of his life.

And the doofus on the ground? He gets up and bails in a hurry… right before the cops showed up to take his ass to jail.

The woman with the Kung Fu kick was Taylor Nealey, who was charged with second-degree assault and battery.

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