Wild Brawl Breaks Out Between Dads And Student Section During A Minnesota High School Hockey Game

Hockey dad fight

Imagine being a grown ass man, and fighting a high school student…

I think I can speak for just about everybody when I say that high school sports can get pretty heated, especially in rivalry games, and the playoffs.

It’s not uncommon to see some players get into a scrum during or after a game, or a few students start throwing hands from some dudes at the rival high school in a chance to prove “who really runs this town.”

However, it’s much more rare to see a parent stoop down to this level.

The White Bear Lake Bears’ hockey team defeated Tartan 4-0 in a Minnesota state high school hockey playoff game this past Saturday, and things got pretty heated.

With that being said, a video on Twitter from user Darnell Swishinberger has gone viral, showing a nasty fight between a parent and a few students in the White Bear Lake student section.

In the video, you see the parent shove a teen, and another proceeded to take the man to the ground and threw a number of punches.

After being held back for a second, the man broke loose and attacked the teen before being taken down again, and was punched several times again.

According to Zach Halverson’s Twitter account, the brawl happened with 1:15 left in the third period in the Section 4AA quarterfinal game.

It led to a delay in the game for several minutes before everything got under control.

Some high school students get pretty brutal when calling out players from opposing teams, but c’mon man…

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