Randall King Releases Tracklist And Album Cover For Upcoming Major-Label Debut, ‘Shot Glass’

Randall King country music

Randall King recently announced his major label debut album, Shot Glass.

And today, we’re getting a look at the album cover, as well as the full 11-song tracklist that’s slated to drop in just a few short weeks on March 18th.

Randall previously released three songs that will be included on the record in “Baby Do”, “Record High” and “You In A Honky Tonk”.

Songs from his 2020 Leanna EP “Around Forever” and his cover of “I’ll Fly Away” will be featured, too, along with the single “Hey Cowgirl”.

Randall is set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut on March 15th. I saw him for the first time last fall at Billy Bob’s Texas, and he was an incredible performer. The native Texan is fixin’ to make waves in mainstream country when this record drops.

Go ahead and check out the title track if you haven’t already, the album’s gonna be honky tonk as hell:

Shot Glass tracklist:

1. Baby Do (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
2. Record High (Rodney Clawson, John Pierce, Drake Milligan)
3. You In A Honky Tonk (John King, Matt Rogers, Brandon Day)
4. Can’t You Feel How That Sounds (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
5. Roger, Miller Lite and Me (Randall King, Brandon Kinney)
6. Hey Cowgirl (Randall King, Brice Long, Mark Nesler)
7. Hard Way To Make It Rain (Randall King, Dan Smalley)
8. Middle of Nowhere Church (Randall King, Jeffrey Steele)
9. Around Forever (Randall King, Will Bundy, Josh Miller)
10. Shot Glass (Tony Lane, Brett James)
11. I’ll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley)
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