Throwback To Travis Tritt Taking Down His First Bull Elk In Colorado

Travis Tritt country music

You love to see it… one of your favorite country artists being real life country folk, just doing real life country things.

Travis Tritt is as real as they come. From the music, to the mullet, to his skills with a rifle… he’s a country boy through and through.

And today, we’re taking it back to his very first elk hunt in Colorado, along with Steve’s Outdoor Adventure’s.

In Colorado, Travis spent 5 days hunting. They saw some action throughout the hunt but it wasn’t until the last moments when he got the experience he was after. They set up on a ridgeline and are calling back and forth with a bull elk.

Hearing an elk bugle is just an amazing experience. There is nothing in the wild that is like it, a truly amazing thing.

As the continue to entice the bull with their calling, he walks out into the clearing. Travis braces and takes a few shots to take him down.

The video is great for catching the post kill shot excitement and emotions. Travis clearly is happy with the results. His guide super excited for him too.

That’s what it is all about… the joys, excitement and great memories you get from these experiences. Finally getting the animal you’re after, especially in the last moments of the hunt is a great experience.

“End of the day, 6:55 in the evening of the last day of the hunt, now that’s cutting it close Hoss.

Man, first elk hunt of my life. We hunted hard for 5 days, hard, hard, hard for 5 days. 

But look, this is the trophy folks, look at that. Look at that, 6 by 6, first ever elk here in Colorado”

I love it. It’s a great day to be alive, indeed. Pure happiness is captured in this video, and you can see just how proud he is of this accomplishment.

A great showcase of hunting an animal for the first time.

Part 1

Part 2

Travis is clearly a country boy at heart. His Instagram can be seen with spurts of hunting and fishing photo’s between all his touring.

He seems to be into hunting birds. He’s got a family photo hunting quail, along with a post from the duck blind and hog hunting with his son. It’s safe to say he hunts when he has the time.

It’s also great to see him passing the torch along to his family who seems to be in all the related photo’s on Instagram. What a great way to spend quality time when he has it. A great way to make meaningful memories.

Travis is also good buddies with Hank Williams Jr, who also an avid outdoorsman that loves to hunt and fish.

Just some country boys, doing country things.

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A beer bottle on a dock