Ongoing Chip Crisis Leaves Hundreds Of Unfinished Ford Broncos Piling Up At The Factory

Ford Bronco

It’s hard to find a cleaner vehicle on the market than the new and improved Ford Bronco.

However, Ford has faced its share of challenges with production, particularly when their big reveal of the brand new Bronco was postponed in 2020 due to the wake of the COVID pandemic.

With that being said, the company is still facing speed bumps in production, as the chip crisis continues to plague just about every automaker on this planet.

According to Automotive News, the chip crisis is forcing Ford to stash a ton of unfinished models in an open lot.

The Bronco holding lot is located near Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, and it contains hundreds of unfinished models that are waiting for their chips, getting covered in snow along the way.

A spokesperson said in an email that the company plans to complete and deliver the SUVs in three months, in hopes that the worst of the chip crisis is behind them.

Although, this problem isn’t unique to the Ford Bronco… the shortage has forced a ton of automakers to become more flexible with their products, as BMW, Cadillac, and others have had to drop some features.

However, Ford is continuing to stay busy with production, as they unveiled the groundbreaking 400-horsepower Bronco Raptor last month, and the Bronco Everglades this month.

So busy in fact, that come March they will halt orders on any new Ford Broncos while they build out the ones that have already been placed.

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