Zach Bryan Confirms “From Austin” Is Coming This Friday

Zach Bryan country music
Samuel Elkins

When Zach Bryan said new music was coming “SO SOON,” he wasn’t kidding.

He confirmed on Twitter last night that he’s releasing the first track off of American Heartbreak on Friday, a song called “From Austin”.

He previously posted a clip of it a few days ago with a caption that led us to believe it would be released in the next few weeks, but after a fan on Twitter asked Zach how many retweets he needed to get to have the song released sooner, Zach told him he needed to get to 2,000 to hear it on Friday.

Of course, Zach’s dedicated and passionate fan base got it done in just a few hours (as I type this, it’s at 2,343 and counting):

And now, thanks to all of y’all, we have a fantastic new music Friday release coming our way:

“See y’all Friday.”

The song already sounds incredible from the short, one minute clip he shared a few days ago, and I’m PUMPED to finally hear his voice on a real deal studio recording.

Here’s the teaser… American Heartbreak drops on May 20th, and it can’t come soon enough:


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