Charles Wesley Godwin Drops Brand New Unreleased Song, “Two Weeks Gone”

Straight from the notebook to our ears.

I haven’t stopped listening to Charles Wesley Godwin‘s killer sophomore album, How the Mighty Fallpretty much since the moment it was released late last year.

Like I’ve said before, the entire album is a masterclass in storytelling, one that sucks you in with the stories of Appalachia and leaves you wanting more of his masterful guitar picking and compelling baritone voice.

And if you’re already wanting more from Charles, well, you’re in luck.

Not content to rest on the success of How the Mighty Fall (which earned the highly coveted top spot in our year-end album rankings for 2021), Charles just dropped a brand new unreleased song, “Two Weeks Gone.”

Like most of his songs, Charles seems to draw from his own personal experiences on this one as he rushes to get back home to his loved ones after “Two Weeks Gone” on the road.

“One minute there with you
Is worth a thousand hours of pain and strife to get there
This Ford ain’t my home
Cruisin’ through desert valleys and city squares
I’m a mountaineer all alone
Two weeks gone”

As much as I love his recorded music, Charles manages to pull off a special kind of magic when it’s just him and his guitar.

Oh, and in case you missed it, make sure you check out our first Whiskey Riff Spotlight featuring Charles doing this badass cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” over on our TikTok.

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