“Trails & Tribulations” – A Look At The Hardships The ‘1883’ Team Goes Through While Filming

After yet another great episode of 1883 aired this past weekend and we’re getting yet another inside look at the show’s grueling production.

Faith Hill (Margaret Dutton) and executive producer David Glasser both opened up immediately about the difficulty of the show’s storyline.

Glasser admits:

“This is not an easy show, nobody signed up for this show thinking it was a cakewalk.”

And weighed in on the ginormous size of 350 people working on set to make the magic happen.

Taylor Sheridan gives us some insight on the difficulties the immigrants faced as they made their trek out west, as they didn’t know the English language, and were ill-prepared, as they’d never faced something like this, like diseases and the elements.

LaMonica Garrett (Thomas) discussed the challenges faced while filming:

“A friend of mine did a western, and he said it’s the hardest thing you’re ever gonna do. 99% of it is outside. Elements, like, it’s challenging.”

They then go in-depth on how the weather makes filming difficult, as it’s incredibly unpredictable.

It’s also incredibly difficult when you’re wearing wool long sleeve shirts, jackets, and pants in 100 degree weather.

Tim McGraw (James Dutton) even admitted it was incredibly difficult to pee:

“Seriously, that’s the biggest challenge, having to pee. Chaps, button-fly pants, long johns, gun belt, it’s a 20-minute ordeal.”

They then go in-depth behind what it takes for the show to come together, and all the helping hands it takes to make the show great.

We’re talking 40 different departments to coordinate certain aspects of production, transporting cattle between Texas and Montana, the whole nine-yards.

Check it out:

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