Kaitlin Butts Drops Raw Acoustic Rendition Of New Single “Blood”

Not gonna lie, I’ve been spinning this new Kaitlin Butts song “blood” like crazy.

It’s no secret that she’s one of the best vocalists in the game right now, with lyrics so compelling that you can quite literally picture the scenes in your head like a movie.

Not to mention, the song comes straight from the heart as she sings about the struggles she faced while her parents were going through a tough divorce.

Co-written with Angaleena Presley, “blood” is the lead single from her much anticipated album, What Else Can She Do, slated for April 15th.

We’ve been waiting seven years since her last album, Same HellDifferent Devil, so you already know she’s been cooking up something great.

With that being said, Kaitlin just dropped an immaculate stripped down and dirty acoustic version of the single, filmed by Fernando Garcia, along with special guest Kurt Ozan on the dobro.

You gotta love when artists drop videos like this, because you can visually see the raw emotion coming out.

Just Kaitlin, her acoustic guitar, and a good ol’ fashioned dobro…

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A beer bottle on a dock