Candidate For Texas Railroad Commissioner Turns Heads With Nude Campaign Video

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Well, I guess this is one way to get the people’s attention.

A woman running for Railroad Commissioner for Texas thought about, and went through with, one of the most “exotic” campaign tactics I’ve ever seen…

GOP lawyer Sarah Stogner thought the best way to get the voters leaning in her direction, was by posing nude on top of an oil pump, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In tweeting out the video, Stogner remarked:

“They said I needed money. I have other assets”

She mentioned that her friends suggested she post the video on TikTok to call attention to leaking wells in West Texas.

“I started doing a little digging and was like, wow, this is great. This is how I’m going to communicate to the masses about what’s happening out here, because people are visual.”


@theunicornlawyer SarahStogner for Texas Railroad Commissioner

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Stogner told the paper that she believed the risk was worth it, due to the fact that she was trailing opponent Wayne Christian by a few points:

“I knew it would be controversial. I didn’t realize it would incite rage and anger that it did from the press.”

The San Antonio Express-News said the video was “disgraceful,” and they pulled its endorsement of Stogner.

The paper said in an editorial:

“We review social media, and Stogner would never have been our pick had the video appeared before we made our recommendation.

It’s painful to rescind a recommendation. But this is an opportunity to reaffirm our principles and expectations.

We expect candidates for public office to model civil discourse and decorum worthy of the public’s trust. This was neither.”

Stogner said she wished the paper had waited to hear what she had to say before pulling their endorsement:

“We have radiation in our water. But me scantily clad is where the line is drawn.”

Last week, Stogner told KENS 5:

“I want to put my clothes back on and have a serious conversation. I want to talk about groundwater. I want to talk about flaring. I want to talk about winterizing our infrastructure pipelines. But that’s boring. It doesn’t get click bait.”

She said that the video has opened up opportunities to discuss real issues.

According to an interview with FOX News:

“The video is being perceived just as I desired, a knock on the door and now that door is open. It has allowed me to engage folks who appreciate my passion and concerns.”

Although called the Texas Railroad Commission, the office has not regulated the railroad since 2005 and instead oversees Texas oil and gas industry.

Stogner concluded:

“I understand that when I walk into a room or a space, people don’t assume that I’m a lawyer or that I’m competent on anything to do with oil and gas.”

“But I am, and have I got your attention now? So let’s put our clothes on and talk about the issues.”

Well, she definitely got some attention.

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