Arizona Man Saves Dead Striper By Performing CPR

Every fisherman has hooked one that they want to throw back, only to have it start to go belly up on you.

It’s never a good feeling, we really do want the fish to live and make it back to the water safe and sound. When this happens all you can do is run to run some water through its gills by moving it back and forth, hoping it will swim off.

It’s always a great feeling to have the fish swim out of your hand and head back into its waters, good to go.

This video shows a new method, one that I can say I’ve never seen before, to revive a fish.

It starts with a man in Yuma, Arizona, holding a small Striped Bass that he caught. As he puts it in the water to release, it goes belly up.

The fisherman sums up how we all feel in this situation.

“Ughhh, I hate when this happens. Alright guys, let me show you a trick and technique to bring a fish back to life”

That’s when this event goes sideways. In an unexpected move, the fisherman grabs the fish out of the water and uses his two fingers to keep its gills closed.

When he starts to move the fish towards his mouth, its easy to doubt what he is about to do.

As he blows air into the stripers mouth, as some kind of form of CPR you will be confused. But in an unexpected twist, the fish seems filled with life as if he had an adrenaline shot.

The man tosses the fish in the water and it swam right off. That has to be the wildest way to release a fish…

“You guys ain’t know that huh, it’s a little dirty but it works”

I can’t say I would recommend trying this because it can hurt the fish more than help if you blow to hard.

But, it did work for this guy.

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