Former Skid Row Frontman Sebastian Bach Hangs With George Strait: “The Combo You Didn’t Know You Needed”

Sebastian Bach, George Strait are posing for a picture

Ya know, just two music legends hanging out.

Of course, we’re talking opposite ends of the music genre spectrum, with the King of Country, George Strait, and rock legend Sebastian Bach, but the two shared a really cool moment together last Wednesday.

The former Skid Row front man and Strait shared a number of photos last week during a 2AM hang on Strait’s tour bus, right outside of T-Mobile Arena.

He says in the Instagram caption:

“Here is the combo you did not know you needed. Sebastian Bach with the King of Country George Strait… these were taken about 2 in the morning after the show on Mr. Strait’s bus.”

The photos contained Bach, Strait, and their wives, Suzanne and Norma.

He continued:

“We could not have been more surprised & happy to be invited to meet the man and his lovely wife in his own living room on wheels. 

Also, got to hang out with George Jr who is an amazing lyricist in his own right… after such an incredible show we were so appreciative of George Strait’s hospitality! Completely honored to share a drummer with this man it was just an amazing night all around!

George has his own tequila called Codigo 1520 and take it for me this stuff packs a Mighty whallop. Smooth as water, you hardly notice it’s even going down!

Thanks to my love Suzanne Bach for being the adult of the evening for making sure me & Bobby got home safe haha. We owe you one!”

Believe it or not, according to Bach’s Instagram, the two singers share the same drummer, Bobby Jarzombek, who was featured in the pictures as well.

Jarzombek just recently joined Strait’s band:

“Words cannot express how proud & happy we all are for our great friend Bobby Jarzombek as everyone knows Bobby and I have played together for around 15 years now and it’s just completely mind-blowing to watch him play on stage with the legend George Strait.

We had such an incredible time last night and are still recuperating! Bobby you are the best and your success could not have had happened to a nicer guy.

Incredible to see the best man at our wedding on stage making packed arenas happy & showing the world how it’s done. Keep rocking my friend.”

Bach also got to try out Strait’s tequila brand Codigo 1530, which he admits “packs a mighty wallop” and goes down “smooth as water.”

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A beer bottle on a dock