‘Good Morning Football’ Co-Host Kyle Brandt Drops F-Bomb On Live TV, Has To Take A Lap

Kyle Brandt

In today’s era of sports talk shows, it is far from unusual for hosts to get into glorified shouting matches, as each one attempts to one up the other simply by who can speak the loudest.

We know ’em all.

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless, etc…

Needless to say, it can get pretty heated at times, as every “hot take” is simply an opinion, but just enough to fire up one another to the point where they’re face to face, about to put on the boxing gloves.

It can be high quality television.

With that being said, every now and then, a sports talk show host will let some profanities fly, simply due to the heat of the moment while talking about a topic they’re passionate about. And sometimes, it’s just a casual “fuck” outta nowhere.

On this morning’s edition of Good Morning Football, the group got to talking about Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver Cooper Kupp’s standout season.

Although the debate was calm and professional, the heat of the moment got to co-host Kyle Brandt.

He let a good ol’ fashioned “fuckin'” fly on live television, and when he finally realized what he had just said, he had to do a quick lap to collect himself, as he was in such shock that he said the word on air.

I’m sure some of the Karens out there will get mad, but this is some funny shit.

Check it out:

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