LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Said He Was Gonna Blackout Celebrating Super Bowl: “Let Me Get A Beer”

Sean McVay

Sean McVay is officially the youngest head to coach to ever win a Super Bowl at 36, as his Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 last night.

And incase you were wondering how he celebrated last night, he made his message very clear in his postgame interview…

Get absolutely rip-shit drunk.

And by no means was my guy trying to hide it, either.

The first thing he told Chris Rose and Joe Thomas in the interview:

“Let me get a beer.”

And later in the interview, he mentioned:

“I’m not gonna remember any of it.”

So as you’d assume, McVay wasn’t just trying to have a few celebratory beers, my guy was trying to get so blackout, he may not even remember winning the Super Bowl at all.

Seriously, he may have woke up this morning with a massive headache from hell, thinking he just woke up on Sunday morning and has a Super Bowl to win tonight.

Or he’s hooked up to an IV in the hospital.

Either way, you gotta respect the move and honesty.

You earned it coach… have a freakin’ day.

Somebody check on Sean McVay this morning…

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock