Florida Kid Reels In Two .50-Cal Sniper Rifles While Magnet Fishing With His Grandpa

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Everyone dreams of the “big catch” when they go out fishing, and magnet fishing is no different.

However, you’re fishing, you’re casting away hoping to pull some big treasure from the depths.

It might have a different lure, and not necessarily bring you a tasty meal or wild fight, but it seems like the surprise factor could be larger then fishing for fish. You just have no idea what’s at the bottom of that line.

Although, calling the cops probably isn’t what you were expecting…

According to Miami Herald, Duane Smith took his grandson magnet fishing and they reeled in a wild catch.

Two Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifles. Yes, TWO… in back to back casts. Not a bad catch, eh?

“I figured, since it was our first time, this was beginner’s luck.”

But wait, it gets even better.

When they got home and cleaned the rifles Duane Smith realized that the serial numbers were filed off. Meaning, by law he had to turn it over to authorities.

“Whoever did this is not your run-of-the-mill criminal,”

He contacted the local authorities and they gathered the evidence up, hoping to be able to match the guns to a crime.

Talk about a wild catch! A person can only dream of fishing tale so tall after a lifetime of casting their days away. This is a fishing trip his grandson will remember forever and will have him hooked for years to come.

Can we all appreciate how much of a Florida fishing story this is? I mean, SO Florida…

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