Chris Colston And Giovannie Yanez Bag A Couple Bucks On Latest Episode Of ‘On Tour Outdoors’

On Tour Outdoors

Ain’t nothing better than baggin’ some bucks and smokin’ a little bacon.

Singer/songwriter Chris Colston and Giovannie Yanez, front man for Giovannie and the Hired Guns, made a little trip down to Fort McKavett, Texas to see Jake Murphy, the avid hunter and head man for On Tour Outdoors.

Things kick off with Gio putting a rifle shot on a nice 8-pointer, while Colston takes down a boar from 37 yards with a crossbow.

If you aren’t to familiar with hunting, and want an idea of how sweet the rush is after knowing you’ve bagged a nice buck, just look at Gio’s reaction after the kill. It’s priceless.

They had a little trouble tracking down the boar, but found him and took him home.

The boys then call it a night and sit around the campfire, with Gio singing a song and serenading the group.

Colsty also joined in on the fun, singing his song “First Dirt Road.”

The group set out for another hunt early morning the next day, and Colston had a nice buck set up 20 yards away.

He unfortunately took a bad shot, but got away with it as the buck dropped about 80 yards away.

Check it out:

On Tour Outdoors host Jake Murphy also made an appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently, but sure to check that one out as well:

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