Zach Bryan Teases New Song Ahead Of Upcoming Album, ‘American Heartbreak’

Zach Bryan country music

Zach Bryan is gearing up to release his debut studio album, American Heartbreak, in just a few short months on May 20th.

And up until this point, he’s released quite a few teasers and clips of songs that we may or may not see on the final tracklist.

Last night, he shared another new one straight out of the kitchen, and backed with just an acoustic guitar and heaping dose of fiddle here, it’s safe to say he has another heater on his hands.

He captioned the post with some of the lyrics from the new track:

“You in the morning time, reminds me of a simpler time.”

May 20th truly cannot come fast enough.

Zach is also making his debut at the Ryman Auditorium tomorrow, and he recently shared a clip from inside the studio where he sings a little bit about that… so hopefully, we’ll be getting a full version of this one live from the Mother Church of Country Music come Thursday, too:

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