Minnesota Friends Torch Their Buddy With A “Troy Sucks At Fishing” Billboard

Troy sucks at fishing

We all love a good roast session between friends.

I mean, they aren’t true friends if they don’t absolutely obliterate your feelings by roasting you every single chance they get right, right?

Well for this group of friends in Brainerd, Minnesota, they took things to a whole new level.

If you happen to drive through Brainerd, you’ll notice a giant billboard off the side of Highway 371, that reads:

“This is Troy. Troy sucks at fishing.”

No, this is not some goofy add posted by a fishing guide, or an outdoors store either.

It’s simply a group of friends taking a hilarious shot at their buddy Troy for being God awful at fishing, according to CBS Minnesota

You have to think, these guys have probably been going on fishing trips for awhile. How bad did it have to get for them to feel the need to buy out a whole ass billboard just to let the world know?

Troy’s friend David Vee, one of the friends who helped put the sign together simply said:

“He’s (Troy) been less than successful in previous trips.”

They even put his email address on the sign so that a few randos can roast him as well.

Tough scene my guy, tough scene… hopefully your luck changes.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock