Ryan Blaney Throws His HANS Device On The Track At Erik Jones: “He Wants To Destroy Me For 7th”

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The Busch Light Clash did not disappoint.

Sure, there were WAY too many commercials, and the whole idea of a halftime show is debatable (most fans seemed to enjoy Ice Cube), but overall, it was pretty entertaining for an exhibition race.

You got the LA Coliseum, the Next Gen cars, Tony Stewart in the booth, a whole lot of contact… it was fun to watch.

Joey Logano took the checkered flag, beating out Kyle Busch for the win, but Ryan Blaney might’ve been the talk of the race.

And there’s no footage (thanks FOX) of why…

Erik Jones ran into the back of Ryan Blaney, sending Blaney into the wall, damaging the car, and effectually ending his shot at winning the race (he later returned).

Needless to say, Blaney was pissed, especially since they were in 7th and 8th place… and he let Jones know. After he got out of his car in the infield, he removed his HANS device and hurled it onto the track at Jones’ car.

“He wants to destroy me for 7th… don’t really make no sense.

So, I don’t know… we’re just kind of riding around and running into the back me just killed our car.

Yeah, I was mad, but you’ll have that.”

And while we don’t have a video, we do have the moment leading up to it:

And the aftermath.

Yup… that’s all we got.

And NASCAR fans can’t believe it.

True story…

The regular season kicks off with the Daytona 500 on February 20th.

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