Lukas Nelson Covers The Hell Out Of Dire Straits’ Beautiful Song, “Romeo And Juliet”

Lukas Nelson could have a whole concert where he just sang the phone book and I’d knowingly show up just to hear it.

He’s still on my bucket list of people I’m dying to see live, and I hear he puts on a pretty incredible show, so I’m hoping I can make it happen sometime this year.

And one of my favorite things he’s done for a while now is his soundcheck songs, where he’ll often post videos of what the band’s warming up to before they hit the stage. It’s typically a pretty wide variety of songs, and they’re always great, but every now and then one just strikes you differently for whatever reason.

The first time I heard his version of Dire Straits’ 1981 song “Romeo and Juliet,” which was written by frontman Mark Knopfler, I fell in love with it and have been dying to get a studio version ever since.

A beautiful tune about longing for a lost love and wanting to relive all of those precious memories again, there’s just something about the way Lukas sings it that I can’t get enough of. I mean, the song is amazing already, but he definitely makes it his own in the best way possible.

He posted a video of it a while back on Instagram, and I can guarantee it’s easily the best thing you’ll watch today by a long shot:

“Can’t believe it’s been over a year since we launched the Soundcheck Songs series.

We had so much fun covering some of our favorite songs. If you haven’t yet, check out all videos at the link in bio.”

Lukas, if you’re reading this… we NEED a real deal, studio version for whenever that next record’s coming:

The original:

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