Chris Stapleton Scores Third Career #1 At Country Radio With “You Should Probably Leave”

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Congratulations are in order for Chris Stapleton, who just scored his third career #1 at country radio:

His previous two #1s as a solo artist are “Starting Over” and “Broken Halos,” and he also scored a Billboard Hot Country #1 with his cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” back in 2015.

“You Should Probably Leave” had been a fan-favorite for many years, and he finally included it on his 2020 Starting Over record. Co-written with Ashley Gorley and Chris DuBois, it’s the second single from that album.

A bluesy tune about bad decisions and two lovers who know they shouldn’t be together but want that more than anything, it was one of my favorite’s from Starting Over, which had an impressive tracklist from top to bottom.

A longtime fan favorite of both Chris Stapleton fans and Whiskey Riffers, we wrote way back in 2016 about how it was better than most of the singles on country radio.

But in an interview with Audacy’s Katie & Company, Chris said that it was actually his wife Morgane who pushed for the song to make the album:

“I recorded it once before a long long time ago on a record I made before ‘Traveller’ that never came out… but the song is probably 15 years old… easy. 

It got tried every subsequent album, it just never took. And then we got to this record and my wife was like, ‘alright you’re putting this on the record, this is what we’re doing.’ 

So if you like the song, you can thank my wife.”

After months of climbing the charts on country radio, the song finally landed at its rightful #1 spot this week… thank God for Chris bringing great music to the mainstream:

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