Jesse Daniel Teams Up With Jodi Lyford For Cover Of Waylon Jennings’ Hit, “You Asked Me To”

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If you know anything about Waylon Jennings, you undoubtedly know his Honky Tonk Heroes record.

It was recorded shortly after Waylon’s legendary $25,000 piss” where Waylon was able to renegotiate his contract with RCA and, in turn, receive more creative freedom to take on musical projects that he wanted to.

This led to the creation of albums like Ladies Love Outlaws (1972), Lonesome, On’ry and Mean (1973) and Honky Tonk Heroes.

A centerpiece of the outlaw country movement, the 1973 album was primarily written solely by Billy Joe Shaver, with the exception of “We Had It All” and a couple others that had co-writers.

“You Asked Me To” was on of the songs that was a co-write, from Waylon himself.

Shaver recorded his own version in 1977 for the album Gypsy Boy, featuring Willie Nelson, but it’s been covered by several other musicians, including Randy Travis, Elvis Presley, and more.

And now, we can add another up-and-coming superstar to the mix, as Jesse Daniel covered the classic country love song as a duet with his partner and bandmate Jodi Lyford.

He expressed his excitement about the new cover:

“Everyone has a “song,” a tune that brings them back to the time they met a significant other and fell in love that stays with them through the years.

People play these songs at weddings, on anniversaries and to even rekindle that old feeling of long after the fire is gone. Love songs bring out such pure human emotion in us and that’s what makes this song special for Jodi and I.

It was just one we had to record at some point and I’m glad we did.”

The song was recorded at Cherry Ridge Studios in Floresville, Texas, and co-produced by Daniel and Tommy Delamore.

And the original:

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