The Trailer For The Kate McKinnon Tiger King Movie, ‘Joe Vs. Carole,’ Is Here

Tiger King

We heard the rumblings, we heard about the cast, and the time has officially come…

We are getting a Tiger King movie.

I’ll go ahead and say it, I’m not sure how the hell you turn this into a movie, considering all of the events that happened in the original season appeared to be fictional within itself (even though it wasn’t).

And then we had Tiger King 2, which had so much promise and was decent, except for the fact that it was only five episodes and Tiger King buzz of Season 1 had faded. Not to mention Joe is in jail…

I mean seriously, what more can they possibly add to make this whole thing crazier than it already is?

The movie, titled Joe Vs. Carole, will be streamed on Peacock on March 3rd, and they officially dropped a trailer today.

John Cameron Mitchell will be playing Joe Exotic, and Kate McKinnon will play Carole Baskin, and it appears to be about how the hate between the two arose over the years prior to the filming of the original show.

Will it be a bust? Or will it surprise me and be incredible?

I’ll be watching either way…

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