Randall King Teases Unreleased Song And I Sure Hope It’s On The New Album…

Randall King country music

This Randall King album is fixin’ to be a good one.

The “countrier than cowshit” budding Texas superstar dropped the news that his first major label record, titled Shot Glass, was to be released on March 18th and that got us all pretty jacked.

Now today, he drops 30 seconds of an unreleased song, and I’m through the roof excited for this project.

So far we’ve heard 3 tracks from the upcoming project, “Record High,” “Baby Do,” and “You In A Honky Tonk,” and while the two later are certainly romantic in their own way, they’re nothing compared to what this song has the potential to be.

It’s the common story of a man who was saved by his woman, saying she was the angel that saved him, but the way the melody builds line by line and the seemingly chaotic jumps in the pre-chorus combine to give this one potential to be one of the catchiest, yet well written songs, I’ve heard in awhile.

“Lord knows I’m a sinner
I’ve never been a saint
So he sent me an angel
That’s everything I ain’t
And I’m finding hope
In the words that he wrote
And forgiveness for the things that I’ve done
Man I believe, I might find heaven
On the wings of her love”

“The wings of her love” is such a cool way of saying she lifted him out of the dark place he was in and brought him up to higher ideals and life standards. Great phrase right there.

Really hoping this baby is on the album… it’s gonna be a great one.

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