Is Drake White’s ‘Hurts The Healing Album’ Coming Out Tomorrow?

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If this is what it looks like, we’re in for a world of awesome tomorrow.

We already know Muscadine Bloodline is coming out with Dispatch To 16th Ave but some Instagram posts have it looking pretty likely that Drake White is releasing his first album since 2016.

He previously announced Hurts The Healing was in the works and we’ve heard a few of the songs from it already (my favorite being “Angel Side Of You” or “Giants”, I can’t decide yet) but judging by these videos, it looks like tomorrow may be the day…

The first was posted on Monday and was just a countdown from 7 with some faded shots of Drake playing shows, but ended with a black screen that just said “FRIDAY”.

Interesting, but could just be another single or a live performance or something.

But just a few hours ago he posted another, with another seemingly ambiguous video, but the caption just about gives it away.

5 years, 2 record deals, 6 brain surgeries, 1 Hemorrhagic stroke, a pandemic…1 record.”

Two posts about Friday and a caption mentioning the album? Come on, it has to be.

Absolutely jacked for tomorrow. Drake White is so criminally underrated it hurts and I hope this comeback record puts him in front of more people.

Let’s freakin’ go.

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