VIDEO: Youth League Basketball Coach Gets Fired After He Tries To Choke Out A Ref

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It always blew my mind watching coaches and parents go absolutely berserk on a ref or umpire at during a CHILD’s sports game. Take a seat dad… this isn’t the MLB or the NBA, and you’re kid standing in left field picking his nose ain’t on his way there anyways.

Seriously, some coaches will go as far as threatening the refs and umpire’s lives, getting physical, and in some cases, even throwing hands.

However, I haven’t seen a coach actually try to kill a ref in a travel sports game, until now.

A coach of the Cavs Youth Basketball 10 and under team got into a verbal altercation with a ref, and began to choke him out in front of a bunch of fourth graders at the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California, according to TMZ.

Cavs founder Darryl McDonald said that the coach had been hit with two technical fouls, which sparked the heated exchange.

McDonald says he wasn’t there for the game, but after a thorough investigation, he confirms that the argument was back and forth before the coach put his hands around the ref’s neck.

Video footage shows the coach choking the ref for several seconds, before another ref appears to jump in and coldcock the coach upside the head. Glasses go flying… it’s absolute nuts.

McDonald says he immediately suspended the head coach, and ultimately fired him on Sunday.

The founder said:

“It was unfortunate. Our program has been around for over 30 years and before it even went viral, the coach was no longer part of our program.

It’s completely unacceptable to behave that way in front of our youth. There’s no excuse, I don’t care what someone says to you. You have to find a better way to handle the situation.”

He also said he is uncertain if criminal charges have been filed towards the head coach.

Pretty wild how some adults act more childish than the 10-year-olds they coach.

At least this one didn’t turn into an all-out brawl:

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