These Banned Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials Would Never Have A Chance Today

A woman with her mouth open next to a water bottle

The NFL Playoffs have been WILD.

And as we sit back and prepare for the Bengals to take on the Rams, one thing is for certain – the Super Bowl commercials this year will be very different compared to years prior. Why you ask? Well, things have changed quite a bit these last handful of years. We’re living in a crazy time, with everyone afraid to offend someone, even if the end goal is simply to get a laugh.

We’ll have to wait and see, but I expect some pretty creative approaches for the big game on February 13.

As I looked back through the last 10+ years of Super Bowl beer commercials, I ended up discovering tons of “banned” Bud Light commercials that never made it to TV.

Most of these would never have a shot in hell of making it beyond the cutting-room floor these days, but we can look back and have that good laugh at least…

2010 – Bud Light – “Clothing Drive”

2009 – Bud Light Lime – “In The Can”

2007 – Bud Light – “Apology Bot”

2006 – Bud Light – “Bottle Opener”

2001 – Bud Light – “Skinny Dipping”

(some reports said this was banned in 2007, but it appears it actually did air back in 2001)

Who ya got? Bengals or Rams?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock