Remember The LSU Recruit From That Awkward Brian Kelly Dancing Video? He Just Signed With Alabama

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Well, that’s awkward…

We’ve all been laughing at Brian Kelly trying his damndest (and failing) to fit in with the LSU culture now that he’s the head football coach there.

Particularly, those cringey videos of him dancing uncomfortably close with recruits.

We saw Kelly first do it with five-star quarterback commit Walker Howard, where coach awkwardly danced back to back with the recruit to Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge.”

And then he followed it up with another one, this time with tight end Danny Lewis Jr., that may have been even worse than the first…

Just imagine your dad showing up to a father-daughter dance when you’re in middle school, and he “attempts” to dance to some rap song playing over the speaker.

Yeah, it’s like that, but worse.

Well shockingly, Kelly’s dancing didn’t seem to pay off when National Signing Day rolled around today.

That’s right, Lewis announced on Instagram that he was committing to the Tigers’ rival, the Alabama Crimson Tide – and his video in crimson red is a lot more badass than the awkward dance video he made with Kelly.

I mean, I’m sure him choosing ‘Bama probably had something to do with the fact that an offer from Alabama is nearly impossible to turn down, considering they’ve made it to the College Football Playoff seven times in its eight year existence, winning three of them.

But you can’t help but think the horrible dancing from Kelly didn’t help LSU’s case…

Maybe it’s time for Kelly to rethink his recruiting strategy.

Regardless, ‘Bama and Nick Saban win again – and after seeing a leaked video of his recruiting pitch last year, and then comparing it to Kelly’s cringeworthy dance videos, it’s not hard to see why.

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