Boston Sports Radio Host Sounds Off On Tom Brady Ignoring The Pats: “One Cold, Calculated Son Of A B*tch”

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Tom Brady took the sports world by storm when he officially announced his retirement yesterday, and left a ton of New England Patriots fans upset by not thanking them, the Patriots organization, or Bill Belichick.

Several New England fans and organization affiliates voiced their displeasure for the act, and now, we can add Scott Zolak, who played quarterback for the Pats from 1991-1998, to the list.

Zolak, who hosts NBC Sports Boston’s Zolak & Bertrand show, was quite vocal about Brady’s refusal to thank the Patriots on the Tuesday show, according to the New York Post:

“He’s either one cold, calculating son of a bitch to where you can release that and say ‘That’s it, that part of my life is done. This is my new venture.’

And it was Tampa Bay. And now I’m just gonna thank those. I already did New England, now I’m doing you… this would be a massive ‘F you’ to the fans to RKK, anybody that helped develop him to the maniacal nutjob of a player that he is now.”

Tom is very calculated in everything he does. Everything is pre-programmed, pre-thought out. Tom doesn’t just omit someone for ‘Oh I forgot that. I’m going to come back and thank that person again.’ No. This is all pre-calculated.”

He then explained that New England deserved all the love possible, considering he spent the majority of his 22-year career there and was an area icon for so many years:

“Ninety percent of his career was played here in New England, his pro football career. We take the voice of the fans here, so you gauge the temperature.

A lot of people are upset that New England, the fans, the Kraft family, coach Belichick were not mentioned in the statement that Tom released today. I think that’s what people will remember here today.

It’s been 20 years going out buying his jerseys, paying for tickets to go to Super Bowls, to games. When somebody is that ingrained in a fan base like Tom was – Tom’s the best to ever play, that’s never going to be debated.

But how it ended here, and him sort of not wanting to come back here, it sticks in some fans’ hearts.”

Zolak also acknowledged the fact that Brady thanked New England, Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft in his farewell statement to the team, but still believes the team deserves more.

Brady did thank the team when he reposted New England’s congratulatory message on social media.

The also noted that the photo Brady chose for his retirement post was in a game AGAINST the New England Patriots, at Gillette Stadium.


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