Remember When Kip Moore’s “Lead Me,” Was Featured In The Nicholas Sparks Movie ‘The Best Of Me’?

Kip Moore country music

To be honest, I completely forgot the song even existed…

I was watching The Best of Me the other night (go ahead and judge, but you might just thank me later), and I realized there was an incredibly familiar voice on the soundtrack.

It was none other than Kip Moore, singing a song called “Lead Me” during what I personally think is the best scene in the movie. I’m not gonna spoil anything, though… you’re gonna have to watch it yourself to find out why.

Yes, we’re talking about a Nicholas Sparks movie from 2014, and a lot of you have or will ever watch it out of sheer force by a significant other, but the song itself is pretty damn good.

Kip wrote it with Tom Douglas and Brett James, and it’s right in his wheelhouse of gritty, romantic love songs about how much he loves a girl and wants to be with her, similar to “Hey Pretty Girl” and “More Girls Like You.”

It’s definitely made for a movie, but it’s not cheesy like a lot of the other ones in this film. The whole soundtrack on the movie features other country artists, but this song is by far and away the best one on the list.

I know it might be a tough sell, but what’s not to love about watching two high school sweethearts, Amanda and Dawson, find love again years later after reconnecting when Dawson is forced to return to his hometown?

If you’re lookin’ for a new movie to watch tonight, go ahead and add this one to the list… because there’s really nothing better than a Nicholas Sparks movie that features Kip:

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