Tyler Childers Debuts Unreleased Song About The End Of The World: “That’s My First Christmas Song”


The man himself, Mr. Tyler Childers is back at it again.

He’s been relatively quiet over the past few years, only releasing Long Violent History which was primarily an instrumental fiddle album save for the title track, and a John Prine cover of “Yes I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You.”

However, the Kentucky King has been playing shows here and there, and has just given us a taste of some new songs that he has in the works.

While performing at the Avett Brothers At The Beach festival this past Saturday at the Hard Rock in Rivera Maya, Mexico, Tyler treated fans to brand new one.

He admits that the song was inspired around Christmas time, while he was thinking about the shepherds who received a surprise visit from an angel in the Bible, letting them know that Jesus Christ had just been born.

However, since the story is only two verses in the Bible, Tyler figured their reaction would probably be a bit more dramatic than that:

“It was around Christmas time and I was thinking about the shepherds that had the angel come down and its only like a two-verse moment in a rather large text. It can be read and passed by…

While it’s two verses in text it was probably like 15 minutes of ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?’

So I was thinking about that, and alien invasions and I wrote this song.”

Nothing makes me happier than new Tyler Childers music… I mean, nothing.

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