Kansas City Chiefs Fans Took Over The National Anthem When Ashanti Had Technical Issues With The Microphone

Kansas City Chiefs

It seems like there were quite a few technical difficulties at yesterday’s AFC Championship game.

In a hilarious moment during the halftime show, the CBS crews TV audio was completely drowned out by the Walker Hayes performance of “Fancy Like” taking place behind them on the field.

But apparently, before the game even started, there were some audio issues with Ashanti’s microphone when it started cutting in and out as she sang the national anthem at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Grammy Award-winning R&B singer has an absolutely killer voice, but unfortunately, part of her performance was inaudible to fans at the game due to the technical problems.

In a chillingly beautiful moment, the Kansas City Chiefs fans gave her a major assist, singing the anthem about as loud as I’ve ever heard it done before. Of course, the stadium is known as one of the louder venues in NFL football, which magnified their voices even more.

It was truly a sight to behold:

If that ain’t America, I don’t know what is. With all the problems and issues that we have in this country, moments like this are all the more important and heartwarming.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they weren’t able to pull out the win in a wild 4th quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals, but this is pretty damn cool nonetheless.

Props to all of you Chiefs fans… this might’ve been the best part of that awesome game:

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A beer bottle on a dock