Tom Brady’s $15 Million Dollar Bonus Is Set To Pay Out Next Week, AKA He Definitely Isn’t Retiring Quite Yet

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What a whirlwind…

Tom Brady, or Adam Schefter rather, sent the sports world into a frenzy yesterday when he broke the news that Tom Brady was officially retiring from football.

After 22 seasons, 7 Super Bowls, a whole mess of passing records, and every other accolade you can think of, there’s nothing left for Brady to prove. He’s the GOAT.

However, within in minutes of Schefty breaking the news, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom’s agent and Tom’s dad jumped on the horn to say that nothing has been decided yet and Tom will formally make his decision when he’s ready.

That being said, Adam Schefter is 100% standing by his original reporting:

And this might be why…

Apparently Tom’s bonus is set to kick on February 4th so there ain’t no way he’s retiring before that check clears.

However, if we are to believe Adam Schefter, it would make sense that his announce is maybe just a little premature, but Brady will be announcing his retirement soon.

Riding off into the sunset $15 million dollars richer? Sounds good to me…

That being said, I would really love Tom Brady to tweet this clip out and come back for one more season.

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