Yellowstone Fans Are Rooting For Jamie Dutton To Redeem Himself

Wes Bentley Jamie Dutton

Ol’ Jamie Dutton…

The adoptive son of the great John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the patriarch of the Yellowstone empire, and the object of his sister Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) wrath, he’s the black sheep of the Dutton family.

He also murdered a journalist to bury a news story that he created when he threw a hissy fit and started singing like a canary…

We did see see him grow a pair in the Season 4 finale when he put a bullet in his scumbag biological father’s Garret Randall’s (Will Patton) head, but time and time again… Jamie (Wes Bentley) has proved to be the gutless weasel of the Dutton family.

However… is it his fault? Some would say it’s not.

He was adopted by the Duttons after his aforementioned scumbag father killed his crackhead mother, and then as a teen, took Beth to get an abortion without her father finding out. The free clinic said they would have to sterilize Beth to perform the operation (not sure why), but it rendered Beth unable to have children.

Needless to say Beth would love to see Jamie dead, John seems like he can’t stand him even though he admittedly still loves him, Kayce seems to give him the benefit of the doubt, and Rip would probably kill him if he knew what happened with Beth (of course, he’d have to ask John first).

Ultimately, Jamie is the character you love to hate, but he has also gotten the short end of the stick in a lot of ways. However, by the end of Season 4, we saw the tides turn.

Beth has become a bit of a villain, especially the way she treats Carter (Finn Little) as well as Jamie, meanwhile fans are hoping for a redemption story form Jamie.

Will Jamie eventually redeem himself?

When posed the question on the Yellowstone Reddit thread, many fans seem to be hoping for the best for Jamie. But many also expressed their doubt in Taylor Sheridan to actually write it that way.

Here’s what Yellowstone fans had to say about Jamie’s path to redemption:

“I hope he does, otherwise he’ll just be another character without a story arc. I know people git tired of watching Jimmy in Texas but at least his story evolved over the seasons.”

 “Jamie has the potential, if Taylor Sheridan takes advantage of it, to be perhaps the most complex character on the show. A ton of possibilities for his redemption, not all of which may benefit the Duttons. Would certainly twist some things up.”

“Agree wholeheartedly. But will Taylor Sheridan take advantage? Or is Jamie just gonna be linear or, worse, continue his downward wuss trajectory.”

I really hope so. I’m tired of seeing him be tortured and make bad decisions.”

“Well it seems Beth could be in hot water in season 5 after the CEO lady goes after her so it would be Jamie a good op to step in and help when she needs it the most.”

“I’d love for Jamie to stop being the whipping boy, but I doubt the writers suddenly change their tune in the fifth season of a series.
He has good in him. Not convinced Rip, Beth, or John do… yet people love them.”

“I’d rather see John finally offer his love and approval and Jamie to have developed enough self esteem to reject it and John.”

“I mean with the threat to Beth about jail time and destroying her life and ranch by Market Equities’ I can totally see her having to face the music and John going to demand Jamie’s help.”

“Yes, I really believe he will. I know it’s popular to think he’ll become the villain, but Kayce loves and trusts him and I trust Kayce’s judgement. Jamie also gets along with the wranglers, and Rip, which says a lot for him as well.”

“The real question for me is who exactly is Jamie supposed to redeem himself to? His murdering family?”

“I’m in the minority of those who actually like Jamie. I don’t know if watching it all at once blocked me from developing a dislike towards him, but it is really Beth that I dislike and Jamie who I side with in their feud.”

“Beth’s behavior towards Jamie has causes me to despise her.”

 “Jamie is likable to me because I feel sorry for him. He’s always tried to seek his father’s approval and love even when its been obvious he’ll never get it. He has low self esteem in a way that I just feel bad and want to protect him.” 

“Hot take: Not only will he redeem himself, he will save the Yellowstone and will make the ultimate sacrifice, Beth and Rip will adopt his child, giving her the child he took, and the succession lines merge again since John is Jamie’s uncle.”

“Jamie is willing to literally kill his own father in cold blood rather than face the consequences of his actions… but yes, that does make me sad for his character. Jamie has potential, but he seems to have let John just beat him down, and it’s awful to watch.”

“I definitely hope he does, too. And Kelly Reilly has stated her hope that Beth finds peace and lets go of the hatred she’s been caring around, which would mean making peace with Jamie.”

“Beth would have to apologize to Jamie first. All he did was protect the family. It’s really Beth’s vendetta. I do hope he comes back stronger.”

“Jamie will be redeemed, in my eyes, if he assassinates old man Dutton & gets away with it.”

“I like Jamie, but if Sheridan has it in him to write a believable redemption arc that doesn’t end in Jamie at least dying, I’ll be shocked.”

All signs would point to Jamie’s redemption arc being a very possible direction for Taylor Sheridan to go in.

Or… he could go full rogue and become the bad guy that ultimately takes down the Dutton empire. Some fans might even prefer it that way…

Stay tuned…

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