Ian Bohen, AKA Ryan On ‘Yellowstone,’ Says There’s A “Fair Chance” Of 7th Season

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As we anticipate the upcoming Season Five of Yellowstone, there’s a lot of questions that surround the upcoming season.

We know Jimmy is seemingly done at Yellowstone Ranch (for now) as he sets out for his new life with Emily at the Four Sixes (which Taylor Sheridan just purchased for a whopping $200 million).

There’s a spinoff supposed to be in the works, but still no word on whether or not that’ll be filming anytime soon.

However, there’s another ranch hand who isn’t talked about that much, and his future could remain uncertain on the show…

And that’s Ryan.

Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on the show, sat down for an interview with TV Insider to discuss what’s next for Ryan on Yellowstone, while also confirming that they’re set to start filming for Season 5 this coming May.

 “We are shooting in May. I don’t think that’s a secret at all. We are starting Season 5 and I would be completely astounded if we didn’t shoot 6.

And I’d say that there’s a fair chance we might shoot a seventh season.

Just depends on whether the creator (Taylor Sheridan) wants to write another 10 episodes or if his story is finished at the 60th episode or not. So that’s it.

And he’s gonna sit down and go, ‘what do I want to do? Do I want to keep doing this or do I want to do something different?’”

When he’s asked about how Ryan is feeling about the bunkhouse after the change of scenery with Jimmy being gone, and the addition of Teeter, he responded:

“Ryan might be looking—this is all just my inner stuff — to switch things up a little bit. He’s been there a long time.

There’s new dynamics, new people, there’s new women. I don’t know if he’s as satisfied as he used to be. So I think he might have his eye on a movement of some kind.”

He also believes that Teeter could have a much bigger role in the upcoming season:

“Yeah, we could transition Teeter (Jennifer Landon) into that. Or, if the buckle bunnies stick around, we could kind of insert and rotate and have a starting rotation of new people to fix that.

If Jimmy’s gone, we’re not gonna get a new low man. He’s too beloved. So I think it would be a major shuffle at that point possibly, but I’m not sure. I’m just guessing about this stuff because I have no idea what Season 5’s going to look like.”

Buckle up.

Season 5 Premiere?

David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, said that he’s expecting Season 5 to drop sometime this fall.

With the new prequel 1883 just dropping, along with the new spinoff with Jimmy and the Four Sixes Ranch in the works, he also confirmed that production for the show is set to resume in May, with Season 5 likely to drop this fall.

With that being said, he truly believes that show is going to keep getting better and better:

“It’s the prime of the show. I think the show is still maturing, and there’s still a lot of story to tell. I know with Taylor, he’s got a lot to say and a lot to write.

He’s deep into Season 5 of ‘Yellowstone’ now. He’s got some incredible ideas that he shared that I think audiences are going to be really excited about.”

Of course, creator Taylor Sheridan has said that the end is in sight and that he specifically won’t drag it on for nine or ten seasons. That 7th season sounds like it could be the sweet spot.

“Well, I know how it ends. I’m writing to that ending. There’s only so much hovering one can do before the story starts to lose its locomotion; you can’t put it in neutral just because it’s successful.

It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it. No way.”

In the meantime, make sure to catch up on Stories From The Bunkhouse starring Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards), and Jimmy (Jefferson White).

And, if you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete through every episode of Season 4, then look no further.

Our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack Playlist, features every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night.


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