South Dakota Police Officer Completes DoorDash Order After Arresting Driver

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Have you ever wondered, what happens if you order food from DoorDash, but the driver gets arrested?

Ah, easy…

The police just finish the delivery for you.

Well at least for a handful of lucky customers, that’s been the case. We saw it in Arkansas, we saw it in Nashville, but this time, it happened in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, according to Newsweek.

A TikTok has gone viral of Sioux Falls cop Sam Buhr delivering a DoorDash customer’s Arby’s order, after arresting the driver during a traffic stop for warrants.

In the video, you can hear Buhr explaining:

“I know I’m not who you were expecting, but your driver got arrested for some things he didn’t take care of… So I figured I’d complete the DoorDash for you.”

A spokesperson for the police department said in a statement:

“The driver was in the process of delivering food for DoorDash. Officer Buhr completed the delivery, bringing the food to the customer. While delivering food is not a normal part of police work, helping people is.

Sioux Falls police officers regularly go above and beyond the normal job and this is just one example of that. Little things like this happen on a regular basis and while most don’t receive the attention, we realize those little things can make a big difference.”

A DoorDash spokesperson weighed in on the arrest of their driver:

“The safety of our community is extremely important and we take reports of this nature very seriously.

We’re actively looking into this to take all appropriate actions and are grateful to the law enforcement officer for stepping in and ensuring this customer received their order.”

Sioux Falls’ finest ladies and gentleman…

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