Muscadine Bloodline Drops Acoustic Performance Of “Dispatch To 16th Ave,” Standing On 16th Ave.

Man, the only thing better than Muscadine Bloodline, may be Muscadine Bloodline acoustic.

Their upcoming Dispatch to 16th Ave. is one of the most anticipated albums of 2022 thus far, and rightfully so with the title track, “Dyin’ For a Livin’,” and “No, Pedal Steel” as the singles that have been pre-released.

It looks like we’re gonna get it all with this new album, as “Dyin’ For a Livin'” is a honky-tonk boot stomper, “No, Pedal Steel” is a slow-paced sad waltz, and “Dispatch to 16th Ave.,” well… it’s a nice little middle finger to Music Row.

And speaking of “Dispatch to 16th Ave.,” ol’ Charlie and Gary dropped a stripped-down acoustic version of the song, live from no other than 16th Ave., Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s always impressive watching these guys play songs acoustically, because it reveals just how great of musicians they really are. No bells and whistles, nothing to hide… we all know how great their harmonies are, the songwriting, Chuck’s voice, but here, we get a little more focus on Gary’s pickin’ abilities with that acoustic guitar.

Good stuff.

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