Dolly Parton Says Her Husband “About Had A Heart Attack” When She Recreated Her Iconic 1978 Playboy Cover For His Birthday

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Does Dolly Parton ever stop?

The woman just celebrated her 76th birthday, but of course, she’s back to work with another cool release.

She’s teaming up with Duncan Hines to launch a baking collection called Dolly’s Southern Favorites in March, with two new flavors including banana pudding and coconut.

Dolly learned how to bake from some old school southern ladies, and she says she makes a killer bowl of banana pudding herself, so these new flavors are sure to be pretty kickass, too… and the pink Dolly packaging is enough to sell me:

“I’ve always loved to cook. Growing up in the South exposed me to that authentic Mom & Pop kind of cooking. Baking was no different. I had plenty of people to show me what’s what in the kitchen… my Mama, my grandmothers and my aunts were all wonderful bakers.

They taught me everything I know, from biscuits and gravy to chocolate cake. Now I am proud to share some of those favorites with all of you.”

She sat down with Access to talk a little bit about the project, but they also talked about her husband, Carl Dean, and his reaction to Dolly recreating her iconic 1978 Playboy cover for his birthday last year:

“Well, he did about have a heart attack. But he got a big kick out of it, ‘cuz I totally surprised him with that. ‘Cuz he was in the kitchen den, so I got dressed and I came through the door with his cake…

Here I am in my Playboy suit, ‘cuz actually, I used to joke that I was gonna pose again for Playboy when I was 75. And of course they don’t have the pictures anymore, and I don’t know that I’d have done it anyway.

But I thought, well I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna surprise him. So I kinda spent the mornin’ with him cookin’ and movin’ around in my little bunny suit, and he loved it.”

Ya think, Dolly? Pretty sure Carl’s still floating around on cloud nine almost six months later…

You can check out the full interview with more about her marriage to Carl and life lately here:

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