Bills Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs Obliterated A Rogue Fan On The Field During Chiefs Game

Stefon Diggs

Star Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs had a relatively quiet night last night in their AFC Divisional game against the Kansas City Chiefs, hauling in only three receptions for seven yards in their heartbreaking 42-36 overtime loss.

However, although his play on the field wasn’t electric like normal, he may have had the highlight of the night.

While the Bills trailed the Chiefs 26-21 with two minutes left in the game, they were putting together quite the drive in an effort to take the lead.

The Bills had the ball on the Chiefs side of the field, when out of nowhere, a bozo Kansas City fan decided to jump onto the field and haul ass towards the Bills’ offense.

That’s when Diggs took charge, and absolutely PLANTED the guy. Just railroaded him.

The fan was then restrained and escorted off the field by security.

I think ol’ Stefon might give his brother Trevon, who plays cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, a little run for his money.

Needless to say, it appears as though he was overserved…

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