Riley Green Debuts Another New Unreleased Song In Cancun, “Good Mornin’ From Mexico”

Riley green country music

Riley Green appears to be thriving in Mexico right now.

He’s in Cancun this week to play at Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa Festival, but he already took some time out of his trip to debut an unreleased new song called “Taillights”.

And today, he’s hitting us with another one new called “Good Mornin’ from Mexico.” And if you’re from the south like me and the little bit of snow we got last week was enough to make you be done with winter, this song is gonna make it ten times worse…

Riley said he got the idea after drinking some tequila and literally wrote it all last night in his hotel room:

“Good mornin’ from Mexico,
Met a little señorita
She don’t wanna let me go
Got us a bungalow
I been livin’ off of tequila and Modelo
Thought I never would recover, 
Find another lover,
Hell I guess you never know,
Good mornin’ from Mexico”

Still no word on the new album, but how about that beautiful Busch Light shirt from Whiskey Riff Shop?

“Drank tequila and wrote this song in my hotel room last night. Enjoy. ‘Good Mornin’ from Mexico.'”

And if you like Riley’s shirt (he’s wearing the USA Mountains T-Shirt), make sure you check out the entire Busch Beer Collection from Whiskey Riff Shop.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock