Viral Sad Dallas Cowboys Fan Goes Even More Viral Because He Brought His Side Chick To The Game

Cowboys fans

When the Dallas Cowboys lost their playoff game to the 49’ers 23-17 in dramatic Cowboys fashion, there was some sad and pissed off fans…

Ok, there was a lot of them….

I mean we saw a ton of fights break out during and after the game, fans were caught on TV balling their eyes out to yet another first round playoff exit, and some fans were even throwing stuff at the refs and their own players.

It was WILD.

One of the most iconic shots that perfectly summed up the Cowboys loss was a dude (who looked like he had mob ties) held his sad girlfriend close to him as you saw nothing but pain in his eyes.

However it turns out, the girl was indeed not his girlfriend.

In fact, the guy’s actual girlfriend thought he was going to the game for a “boys trip.”

Earlier this week, a girl took to social media claiming that the dude was her boyfriend (now ex, of course), and accused him of being a “serial cheater,” and basically condemned him as the scum of the earth.

Then again, she also said that the two weren’t actually “together” anymore during the time of the game.

So the question is, was she just saying stuff for the clout?

Anyways, it was funny as hell to see people absolutely torch her.

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A beer bottle on a dock