Kelly Reilly, AKA Beth Dutton, Calls Yellowstone Prequel ‘1883’ A “Stunning Piece Of Work”

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Have you tuned into the Yellowstone prequel yet?

After the conclusion of Yellowstone Season 4, most fans of the show have since turned their attention to the new prequel series starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott.

Airing Sundays on Paramount+, and piggybacking off the success of Yellowstone, 1883 might just be the hottest show in the game right now.

With that being said, one of the stars of Yellowstone has admitted to being a gigantic fan of the new prequel as well… and that’s Kelly Reilly, aka Beth Dutton.

Kelly finally got the chance to catch up on the new Taylor Sheridan series and was more than impressed:

“So I just caught up with (1883). What a stunning piece of work by Taylor Sheridan and all the cast and crew!

Love watching the ancestors of our modern day Duttons journey to Montana… what a humbling reminder of what it took. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season.”

A number of fans commented on the parallels between Isabel May’s character Elsa Dutton, and Reilly’s badass descendent, Beth Dutton:

“Beth is definitely a descendant of Elsa!! Both have so much fire, confidence & strength! Love both shows so much.”

Other added:

“Seeing so much Elsa in Beth after this last episode.”

“Not hard to see where Beth got her grit! ;) It’s a beautiful show!”

Needless to say, Reilly got caught up at the perfect time, because she’s now seen the wildest ending we’ve seen thus far on the show on Episode 5, which ended with Elsa shooting and killing the thieve who killed the love of her live, Ennis.

However, she’s gonna have to wait like the rest of us, as Episode 6 is going to skip another week and air on January 30th.

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